Good Reads

This page showcases books and articles we find interesting, insightful, important or inspirational for athletes, parents and coaches alike. We hope you enjoy. Parents, many of these books would be a great gift for the runner in your family.


Do Hard Things: Steve Magness

Let Your Mind Run: Deena Kastor

Endure: Alex Hutchinson

Bravey: Alexi Pappas

Run: Matt Fitzgerald

Pre: Tom Jordan

The Perfect Mile: Neal Bascomb

Strong: Kara Goucher

The Sports Gene: David Epstein

The Practice of Groundedness: Brad Stulberg

Running with the Buffaloes: Chris Lear

Out and Back: Hillary Allen

Born to Run: Christopher McDougall

Unbroken: Laura Hillenbrand (skip the movie and read this)

Seabiscuit: Laura Hillenbrand (read this, then watch the movie)

Girls Running: Melody Fairchild (all girls team members receive a free copy)

Consistency is Key: Jay Johnson (all team members receive a free copy)


Female Athletes Face Crazy Expectations. The Can Be Overcome.

How Speed and Distance Dictate How Olympians Run

Mental Preparation for Championship XC Races

Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman

Your Honest Best

Dear Running: Every Race Has Been Perfectly Imperfect

Dear Younger Me: Grant Fisher

The Mile Isn’t Just It’s Own Distance Race. It’s Almost It’s Own Sport.

The Foundation of the Distance Running Program

Training Ecosystems in Cross Country Teams

Dear Younger Me: Dani Jones

Assessing the Athletic Lifestyle of the XC Athlete

What to Eat Before a Cross Country Race

The Four Stages of Team Development