Join the Bengals

If you are interested in running high school cross country and/or distance (track and field) for the Helena High Bengals, contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Five reasons to be a cross country runner:

  1. IT’S INCLUSIVE: There are no tryouts and no cuts. We are all runners, and that means everyone. Some may be faster than others, but the important thing is continual development, which doesn’t always mean getting faster. Development arrives in many forms.
  2. HEALTHY MIND AND BODY: Running is a great way to get physically fit, but running also provides an opportunity to set your mind free and become more resilient. It will result in you becoming mentally more fit to withstand and work through stresses in practice, on the race course, in the classroom, in other sports, and in life.
  3. YOU ARE HARDCORE: Long distance runners are among the toughest student-athletes roaming the hallways. You put in tough miles, run hills and do a great variety of workouts – sometimes in rain or snow. Some days it’s hot, some days it’s cold. But you work hard and that’s something you and your teammates (family) can take great pride in every day.
  4. RUNNING REWARDS CAPACITY: Talent is important, but capacity is most important for long distance runners. While some people are born with certain gifts, we can affect how much capacity we have for hard work and toughness – that’s the mental part of running. You also see the benefits of the work you put in on a regular basis.
  5. WE’RE ALWAYS ROOTING FOR YOU: The sport is about improvement, and nothing comes quickly or easily in distance running. You get out of it what you put into it, and your coaches know that as well as anyone else, because we witness the dedication and hard work every day. Consistent improvement as runners and growth as human beings are the most important factors in determining whether we have a successful season.