Summer Cross Country Camps

This summer, there are some great opportunities in the region to take part in a distance/cross country camp. Not only are camps a great opportunity to get in some fantastic training in an new environment, but they offer an opportunity to gain knowledge, insight and perspective from a variety of well-qualified sources and peers. On top of all the great knowledge and training, you’ll likely have a ton of fun, and you’ll make some great friends.

I’ve always firmly believed it’s important to branch out, when possible. A fresh perspective from different coaches and athletes can help you gain a better appreciation for the sport and the people who participate in it. It also broadens your network of friends and mentors, which will be a valuable asset as you continue to develop and mature.

All of the camps I have listed below are organized and staffed by some of the top authorities on the sport in our immediate proximity and in the U.S. Some are pricey, while others are more affordable. If you’re interested, but have questions, please ask by shooting me an email at, or reach out to me at practice.

Ordered based on general proximity to Helena, MT: