State Meet Information

Apologies for getting this posted so late.

It’s finally here and the kids are ready to roll. The 2018 state meet is shaping up to be a great weekend for running, and the kids deserve it after putting in so much hard for that past five months – ranging from summer runs in the dreadful August heat to chilly outings in the snow this fall. It all comes down to this and we couldn’t be more excited for this amazing group of Bengals. Believe and be positive!

  • Bus leave time: 7:30 a.m. Saturday (Athletes, arrive 15 minutes early so we’re settled and ready to roll.)
  • Meet Schedule
    • 11:00 am C-Girls At conclusion, C Girls’ individual awards
    • 11:35 am AA-Girls At conclusion, AA Girls’ individual awards
    • 12:10 pm C-Boys At conclusion, C Boys’ individual awards
      and C boys’/girls’ team trophies
    • 12:40 pm AA-Boys At conclusion, AA Boys’ individual awards
      and AA boys’/girls’ team trophies
    • 1:10 pm A-Girls At conclusion, A girls’ individual awards
    • 1:45 pm B-Girls At conclusion, B girls’ individual awards
    • 2:20 pm A-Boys At conclusion, A boys’ individual awards
      and a boys’/girls’ team trophies
    • 2:50 pm B-Boys At conclusion, B boys’ individual awards
      and B boys’/girls’ team trophies
  • Morning reminder: Eat a balanced breakfast you know your stomach can handle to ensure your body if fueled and ready to go for the race.
  • Do not forget: Make sure you pack you uniform, spikes, team warmup gear, snacks, hydration and clothing for all weather conditions (we live in Montana and things can change at any moment); also bring money for a meal at the mall after the meet.