Winter Track Training Plan Posted

I have posted a winter training guide on the Training page, which you are encouraged to use as you train throughout the winter in preparation for the 2018 track and field season.

In that page, you’ll find training plans split into three-week sessions. Initially, I have only posted weeks 1-3, and after communicating with those of you using the plans, I will evaluate and post further weeks to ensure the training is working well for you, and to determine whether we need to make adjustments.

You will notice I have included some suggested winter road races and track and field events in the training schedule. Those events can provide great fitness markers that can be used to properly adjust training and recovery to ensure you arrive at the start of the track and field season fired up, healthy and fit.

Also on the Training page, you’ll find Training Paces, which should be used until they are updated after a few weeks following this program.

Last thing. Please take the more cautious route out of the blocks. There’s no reason to go crazy right from the start and to bite off more than you can chew. Level 1 should be accessible for everyone on the team, and Level 2 is where the more experienced runners should be by the time we reach the actual season. Level 3, for now, isn’t something many runners on this team are yet prepared for, based on training age and experience.

Check in with me regularly and let me know how the training is going. I will try to meet with some of you for some running this winter, and as we get closer to some of the road races and indoor meets, I can help with coordination, etc.

Happy running!

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